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  /   14:09, 11. sept 2018
Yes, the NBA is miserably exciting with all those thundering dunks and high-flying alley-oops. We should take a page from Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron, and get rid of all the unfair advantages the excessively athletic players have over the average citizen. Whether it's raising the hoop (why stop at 11 feet?), setting maximum height and minimum weight limits for the players (the players should look like America, obese and stubby!), or requiring overly fit players to wear special magnetic shoes to keep them courtbound, nothing says fan-tastic fun like slow dribbling and mid-range two-point shots. And what ever happened to that classy two-handed shot anyway?
Another thing I've noticed is that the referees don't interject themselves into the game enough. More quick whistles, favoritism, and grandstanding please! Free throws are the best part of the game (although they should move the free throw line back a few feet and make sure the players can take as long as they like to shoot). Does Joey Crawford have any brothers or cousins who we can hire?
The last thing I as sports writer at https://writemyessay.pro ever want to see again is a play like that 7'2" Hibbert fellow blocking an airborne Carmelo's shot at the rim. Raise the rim! And get off my lawn you darn kids!


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